Mary Magdalene Gift Shop – Oils, Medals, Books, Cards + More!



Apostle Pendants & Key Chains

The Apostle Pendants are images of the Apostles set in a silver plated pendant tray and the covered with clear casting resin, which gives it an antique look. The Apostle Pendants have been made into necklaces using a 20 inch sterling silver snake chain. I have also made them into KEY CHAINS. It is a nice way to keep your patron saint or favorite apostle close at all times.

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Books & Bookmarks

I have self-published three books in the Mary Magdalene Gift Shop and published the Novena Book which pilgrims use on the Novena Pilgrimage. Many others purchase this Novena Book and pray the Novena along with those on the pilgrimage from their own home. Recently I made bookmarks with the story of each of the Apostles, including the “Apostle to the Apostle,” Mary Magdalene.



I love making the bracelets in the Mary Magdalene Gift Shop….. recasting Mary Magdalene medals in my collection and wire-wrapping Mary Magdalene bracelets with Parisian Chain that has been plated in 18K gold and beautiful natural stones. 18K gold vermeil charms that have meaning are added like hearts and crosses. This brings me joy. I especially love the Sea of Galilee bracelet collection. NOTE: The size of an average wrist when measured at the wrist bone is 6.25 inches. I make the bracelets one inch larger so they hang nicely (7.25 inches). Upon request I can make bracelets smaller or larger than the average size.



Saint Mary Magdalene chaplet is a wonderful devotional prayer. 18K gold vermeil Mary Magdalene medals are wire-wrapped and connected to three wire-wrapped stones and then wire-wrapped to Parisian chain that has been plated in 18K gold. Both ends of the chain are wire-wrapped to ten more beautiful and natural stones. A chaplet prayer card is included with each Saint Mary Magdalene chaplet. I have also made a Saint Jude chaplet and a St. Thérèse chaplet.


Medals & Crosses

The medals you see in the Mary Magdalene Gift Shop are medals from my collection that have been recast in sterling silver and then plated in 18K gold.



A variety of Saint Mary Magdalene medals hang from 18K gold vermeil chains. My recent addition are the Apostle Pendant Necklaces. The pendants of the Apostles, including the Apostle to the Apostles (Mary Magdalene) hang from a 20 inch sterling silver snake chain. These Apostle Pendants come in two sizes – 28 mm and 32 mm. The images of the Apostles are protected by clear casting resin, giving them an antique look.


Prayer Cards

There are twenty different Mary Magdalene prayer cards that I have designed with beautiful Mary Magdalene artwork and a variety of devotional prayers. They are wrapped with a red wax fleur-de-lis, making two sets of ten.



I love finding beautiful crucifixes and centers with which to make rosaries. And I love the variety of genuine stones I use – ruby, sapphire, garnet, aquamarine, freshwater pearl, crystal, amazonite, hematite, amethyst, moss agate, labradorite, and more. These rosaries are wire-wrapped with gold-filled wire and include a small 18K gold vermeil medal of Saint Mary Magdalene. The rosaries are packed in a mesh bag and a rosary box and come with a HOW TO PRAY THE ROSARY CARD. It is thoughtful gift for a devout friend or family member.



The 12 inch Saint Mary Magdalene statue was commissioned as a special project to a Catholic Religious Statuary in Peru according to images presented. It is an original design and lovely in a personal shrine in the home.