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Medal - The Holy Face of Jesus Medal 19x22mm - 18K Gold Vermeil

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This vintage French medal of La Ste Face de Jesus - the Holy Face of Jesus has Our Lady of Sorrows in the reverse. The Latin, Mater Dolorosa Ora Pro Nobis means Our Lady of Sorrows pray for us. Seven swords pierce her heart. The medal measures 19mm x 22mm.

THE HOLY FACE - The additional photos are of the Holy Face of Manoppello. These photo are of the face cloth that is believed to have been placed on the face of Jesus while in the tomb. It is kept in a Church in Manoppello, Italy. The image lines up exactly with the image of the face on the Holy Shroud. When one contemplates who was at the tomb to place this face cloth, certainly Mary Magdalene was one, and it is possible that it was her veil that was placed over his face, and his gift to her was his image permanently impressed in a way that no human hands could have done.

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