Paula Lawlor and her Magdalene Publishing

Paula Lawlor is the woman behind Magdalene Publishing, a company she started after writing a book about Mary Magdalene and needing immediate publishing for a Saint Mary Magdalene Relic Tour she had organized.

.Paula Lawlor

Paula gets great pleasure in writing blog posts for her website and making the Saint Mary Magdalene rosaries, chaplets, bracelets, prayer cards and anointing oil that are sold in her shop. The Mary of Magdala medals in her Magdalene Collection have been recast in sterling silver and plated in 18K gold matte finish. 

As you can imagine, Paula Lawlor has a devotion to Saint Mary Magdalene—one that began in 2009 while visiting a friend in Cannes, France. Paula stumbled upon the place where Mary Magdalene was buried and then went to the Cave of La Sainte-Baume where Mary Magdalene spent the last thirty years of her life in contemplation and prayer. Mary Magdalene got a hold of Paula in a very profound way, and ever since her life took a turn. Paula has written several books about Mary Magdalene’s life, organized two month-long Relic Tours where the French Dominicans brought St. Mary Magdalene’s relic to the US. The first Relic Tour was during Lent in 2011 in California and the second was during Lent in 2013 in Illinois, Indiana and Missouri.

In July 2013 Paula Lawlor led a 10-Day Novena Tour of PROVENCE to Saint Mary Magdalene with a group that flew to the South of France from the US. Paula’s second Novena Tour was over St. Mary Magdalene’s feast day in July 2014. Every  summer Paula returns to Provence to lead several 6-day Mary Magdalene Pilgrimages. Paula’s 2020 Mary Magdalene Pilgrimages are now organized and you can reserve your space by sending in a deposit.

Paula Lawlor’s intention with her MaryofMagdala Gift Shop is to further the devotion to this great saint and raise awareness of her powerful intercession. Paula has been hoping to one day aid in the establishment of a Saint Mary Magdalene National Shrine in the United States.

Many blessings to each of you who pass by….