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Rosary - Sri Lanka Sapphire Saint Mary Magdalene and Holy Robe of Jesus - 18K Gold Vermeil

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This rosary is handmade with gorgeous Sri Lanka Sapphire stones, originally known as Ceylon Sapphires. Each stone is wire wrapped with 14K gold filled wire. The crucifix, center, Saint Mary Magdalene medal and Holy Robe medal are 18K gold vermeil.

CEYLON SAPPHIRES originate in the country known today as Sri Lanka, an island country in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean southwest of the Bay of Bengal and southeast of the Arabian Sea. This beautiful island is responsible for much of the world’s production of sapphires while also being known to produce high quality topaz and amethysts. The quality of Ceylon sapphires has long been noted. Explorer Marco Polo wrote that this island, appropriately nicknamed Gem Island, has the best sapphires in the entire world.

The length of the rosary from the center of the 3rd decade of Hail Mary's to the bottom of the crucifix is 25 1/4 inches. The size of the Sri Lanka Sapphire stones are 8mm.

The Seamless Robe of Jesus (also known as the Holy Robe, Holy Tunic, Holy Coat, Honorable Robe, and Chiton of the Lord) is the robe said to have been worn by Jesus during or shortly before his crucifixion.
"When they had crucified him, they divided up his clothes by casting lots." Matthew 27:35
They were fascinated that Jesus' robe was woven without a seam and they had never see that, so they kept it. The Holy Robe is now in a church in Trier, Germany.

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