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Sainte Thérèse and her ROSES Medal 16.5mm - 18K Gold Vermeil

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This unique and attractive medal of Sainte Thérèse with a crucifix in her arm and a rose in her hand in also encircled with ROSES, her roses, the onnes she will send down to earth as a "Shower of Roses." The medal is made of 18K gold vermeil and measures 16.5mm in diameter. There is a photo in the listing of this medal compared to the size of a dime.

Experience has shown that St. Therese’s “shower of roses” is both figurative and actual. As she was dying in the convent infirmary, Thérèse could look out and see the rose bushes blossoming. She loved roses. She had thrown rose petals as a Child before the Blessed Sacrament. As she reflected on her quiet, hidden, and gentle life ending, she believed in faith that God had great things in store for her. She believed that her mission was only beginning as she entered the fullness of life with God. She explained: “After my death, I will let fall a shower of roses. I will spend my heaven doing good upon earth. I will raise up a mighty host of little saints. My mission is to make God loved…”

Shortly after her death, the rain of roses began. Sometimes roses literally appeared, and sometimes just the fragrance of them. Cures of painful and fatal diseases and many other miraculous experiences were attributed to her intercession. Sometimes people found inner peace and regained an inner warmth of spirit and confidence, by appealing to Sainte Thérèse.

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