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Medal - Mary Magdalene Carried by Angels 30mm - 18K Gold Vermeil

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This beautiful 18K gold vermeil medal of Saint Mary Magdalene shows Mary Magdalene being "carried by angels." The reverse is embellished with a lily.

Tradition of Mary Magdalene being raised up by angels began with a monk who was living in a cave close to Sainte Baume who saw a woman being carried with regularity by angels. He also heard their beautiful singing. He prayed to God to understand what he had witnessed and one day the woman spoke to him. She asked him if he knew of the Mary Magdalene who accompanied Jesus during his travels. When he replied "yes," she explained that she was that Mary Magdalene and that she had been living in that cave for the last thirty years, and each day had been carried up by angels to receive nourishment and then carried back.

The last photo in the sequence of five shown of this medal is a photo taken in the Cave of La Sainte-Baume in the South of France of the statue of Saint Mary Magdalene raised up by angels.

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