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Tiny Celtic Cross with Emerald Crystal + 18K Italian 18K Gold Vermeil Chain

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This very sweet Celtic Cross is topped with an Emerald Crystal. See photos of the Celtic Cross compared to the size of a dime to know its size, which is tiny.

The Celtic cross is a symbol of Irish faith and Irish pride. Its origins may go back as early as the 5th century. Early missionaries of the Catholic Church arriving in Ireland, among them Saint Patrick, were careful not to upset the early pagan Celts. By merging the Christian imagery of the cross and a halo [symbolizing Jesus Christ’s infinite love] with important Celtic imagery of trees and the sun, this new religion would have been more famil- iar and more acceptable, which would make for easier converts.

Celtic “High” Crosses are freestanding stone crosses that date from the 8th to 12th century. They are located in almost every one of the 32 counties in Ireland. These magnificent stone crosses are impressive and imposing features in the Irish landscape. They range from 8 to 23 feet high and are often found at the gates of monasteries. The crosses themselves are often intricately carved with the earliest depicting knot work and later crosses including imagery of bible stories and inscriptions.

One of the oldest surviving free-standing stone crosses in Ireland is at Carndonagh, Donegal, also known as Donagh, or Saint Patrick’s Cross. Tradition suggests that a church or monastery was founded there in the fifth century by Saint Patrick with Irish missionaries.

Celtic Crosses became very fashionable in the 18th century during the “Celtic Revival” with intricately carved crosses to mark graves and memorials.

Since that time the Celtic Cross as a symbol has reached beyond monastic sites and graveyards into attractive heirloom jewelry. These crosses are worn proudly by people worldwide who share an appreciation of Irish culture.

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