Mary Magdalene Rosaries

Rosary - Purple Jasper Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saintes-Maries, Sainte Sara and Mary of Magdala - Sterling Silver

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This gorgeous purple jasper rosary is handmade. Each purple jasper stone is wire wrapped with sterling silver wire. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the center piece of the rosary which is sterling silver as well as the crucifix. The additional sterling silver medals are Saintes-Maries - mothers of the apostles, Sainte Sara and Mary of Magdala.

The rosary measures 23 1/4 inches from the bottom of the crucifix to the middle of the third decade of Hail Marys.

PURPLE JASPER is a member of the chalcedony family of gemstones and is barely faceted. Purple jasper is a result of blue and red jasper blending together, which is why it's such a warm shade. This precious stone is commonly used in statement pieces and fine jewellery as its colour is so impactful. Jasper makes you fearless. It grounds you, reminds you that you are safe in the world, banishes nightmares, helps you see things clearly and objectively, encourages fidelity in relationships, brings hope and peace.

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