Mary Magdalene Rosaries

Rosary - Hematite Saint Mary Magdalene Rosary - 24K Gold Vermeil Crucifix & Center

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I made this rosary by wire-wrapping golden hematite stones. The crucifix and center are made from sterling silver that has been plated with 24K gold, making it 24K gold vermeil. The Saint Mary Magdalene is 18K gold vermeil. All the rosaries come with a HOW TO PRAY THE ROSARY card.

HEMATITE is the mineral form of iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3), one of several iron oxides. It is derived from the Greek word for blood because hematite can be red, as in rouge, a powdered form of hematite. The color of hematite lends itself to use as a pigment. The English name of the stone is derived from Middle French: Hématite Pierre, which was imported from Latin: Lapis Hæmatites, which originated from Ancient Greek.

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