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Statue - Saint Mary Magdalene Statue - 12 inch

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This beautiful statue of Saint Mary Magdalene was custom made in resin and hand-painted. The statue of Saint Mary Magdalene is fashioned after the 1858 painting "Marie Madeleine" by R. Eischmaninoff, a painting I found in the South of France at an open air antique market. Mary Magdalene is clutching her crucifix with one hand and her alabaster jar with the other. She has tears in her eyes.... tears of emotion, tears of compassion, tears of LOVE.

"So many years ago
God's mercy melted you to tears.
Without warning, your spirit continues
to induce an incessant flow of tears.
So strange a feeling in our world today.

Yet when one contemplates
your compassion and genuine love,
It presses heavy on the heart.

Thank you sweet Mary Magdalene
for your beautiful example.
And thank you for your gift of tears....

The most precious thing in the world
are tears of repentance,
For they open the gates of heaven."

The statue weighs 4 pounds and is made from resin. What a true treasure!

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